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The Rominger Legal Private Investigator Directory can help you find the professional help you need. Simply click on the contact link for any investigator on the page, and you will have access to their full areas of service and expertise, and a brief biography, as well as their respective contact information including e-mail and telephone. You should consider both the statewide and regional investigators, as each either maybe better suited for your particular needs.



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Florida Private Investigator Directory
STATEWIDE LISTINGS - These Investigators can offer assistance across the state.
REGIONAL LISTINGS - These Investigators focus on a particular region of their state.

NATIONWIDE PI DIRECTORY - Free state by state investigator directory.

Florida State Private Investigator Resources

FALI - Florida Association Of Licensed Investigators

NFAPI - North West Florida Association of Private Investigators

PIA - Private Investigator's Association Of Florida

SFIA - South Florida Investigators Association

According to the state of Florida, a "private investigator is any individual or agency who, for consideration, advertises as providing or performs the following activities. Individuals or agencies providing or advertising as providing these services for consideration must be licensed."

    • Subcontracting with the government to determine crimes or wrongs done or threatened against the United States
    • Determining the identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation or character of any society, person, or group of persons
    • The credibility of witnesses or other persons
    • The whereabouts of missing persons, owners of abandoned or escheated property, or heirs to estates
    • The location or recovery of lost or stolen property
    • The causes or origin of fires, libels, slanders, losses, accidents, damage, or injuries to real or personal property
    • Securing evidence to be used before investigating committees or boards of award or arbitration or trial of civil or criminal cases

Florida Private Investigator Applications are available by online request

Marketing for Private Investigators Blog - Marketing Tips and Hints to make your PI agency grow.

Private Investigator Forum / Board - Where Investigators discuss tips, techniques, and more. Free discussion forum for all investigator and investigation related issues.












Rominger Private Investigator Directory

About Private Investigators & The Investigator Directory.

The Rominger Legal Private Investigator Directory is a resource for lawyers and the public to find professional private investigators and detectives to assist them with investigating, information gathering, intelligence, and due diligence.

As a free resource to the public and private investigators we also have the Private Investigator Forums, where investigators can discuss investigative techniques, surveillance tips, investigator marketing, and all other aspects of their investigations business. Members of the public and people in fields related to investigations can post questions, make comments, and join in the investigation discussions as well. Use of the Private Investigator Forums is free.

Wikipedia says "a private investigator, or PI, is a person who undertakes investigations, usually for a private citizen or some other entity not involved with a government or police organization. They often work for attorneys in civil cases or on behalf of a defense attorney. Many work for insurance companies to resolve claims. "

Generally each state has its own rules for private investigators. Some require license based on tests or experience as a private investigator, and thus many new investigators have previously worked for a private investigations firm. Some states require investigators to follow up with continuing education in investigations and investigator ethics. Others basically allow any adult individual to provide investigative services.

Many investigators specialize in various investigative specialties. Some are domestic investigators, and do infidelity investigations or custody investigations. Others do criminal investigations, usually criminal defense investigations. Many also specialize in due diligence, backgrounds, pre-employment screening, surveillance, or other specialties.

You should carefully pick a private investigator based upon experience, location and investigative capability. Some investigators are better suited to certain tasks than other investigators. References from people who have previously had a matter investigated by the investigator in question are a good source to learn about a particular PI.

The Rominger Legal Private Investigator Directory is a free collection of investigators who provide services in every state, and around the world. The PI directory is free to use, and provides contact information for the investigators and their investigation companies. The PI's listed here are actively seeking investigative and other work on the Internet.

Please use this directory to find a private investigator or private detective to assists you in all your investigative needs. Remember that the more information you can provide to the investigators, the more likely the PI will be able to provide an accurate quote for the investigation or other task at hand.

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Body of Casey Kasem moved to hometown of wife Jean's suspected lover, private investigator reveals
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Private Investigators Plymouth Offer the Services of Their Phone Forensics Department
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No one hides from famed investigator Steven Rambam in new ID channel series
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As reported by BBC News article, dated 4 July 2014:Lou Vincent: The most brutal form of apology, Lou Vincent, the cricketer, has admitted to being guilty of attempting to fix matches, and he minced no words in his apology. After he exhaled deeply, he ...
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Shanghai court says trial of GSK-linked investigators set for August 8
Earlier this month, Chinese prosecutors accused British investigator Peter Humphrey and his American wife Yu Yingzeng for illegally obtaining private information. The couple were detained last year following work they did for the British drugmaker.
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